Friday, May 30, 2014

Lilac Tea

Our annual Lilac Tea is coming right up- it's this Sunday at 4:00. Right now I'm concentrating my gardening efforts on cutting down all dead lilacs and cutting out all the dead twigs. Also, I have to mow everything again before Sunday: tonight and tomorrow night. I have to do some more cooking- I'm planning to make gooseberry squares tonight and tomorrow night and make ice tea and cook the rhubarb for our rhubarb punch. We have the music lined up- Sue Cole playing Irish tunes on the flute and at 5:00, we're having a demonstration of Scottish Country Dancing. The lilacs look like they will be at their peak this weekend.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Garden Party Over

Our annual Daffodil garden party was this past Sunday: it was cold, rainy and about a dozen varieties of daffodils were blooming. However, the Galathus was still in bloom in spots, Chionodoxa and Scilla were in full bloom and some conventional Hyacinths were blooming. The Forsythia were starting to bloom and the Merrill Magnolias also. More people took hot tea than ice tea. Now we're gearing up for the "Lilac Tea"

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Garden Open Tomorrow

My annual daffodil walk is tomorrow at 4:00 pm no matter how bad it is. I do have 8 varieties in blossom (barely): Unsurpassable, Gigantic Star, telemonius 'Plena' or Van Sion, Serola, February Gold, Peeping Tom and Rapture and 1 other but I don't remember which. My three varieties of Galanthus are still in bloom, if a little tired. Scilla and Chionodoxa and bloodroot are going strong. The 'Merrill' magnolias and Forsythia are just coming into bloom (I wish they were in full bloom: at their peak but you can't have everything.