Friday, July 31, 2015


This is the season when my daylilies reign supreme-- I prefer the pure lemon and canary yellow, orange, and true red (not the older muddy, brownish or barn red varieties).. Some of my favrites are: Buttered Popcorn
Ruby Throat
Tuscwilla Tigress
Alabama Jubilee

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trip to Arnold Arboretum on July 6th

Our older daughter, Kady is working this year as an intern at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. We spent a Day visiting her there, looking at mostly shrubs and vines after driving around downtown Boston for an hour-trying to follow a GPS. These are some interesting plants there.

Juicing Berries

2015 turns out to be a wonderful year for many berries. I have picked most of my gooseberries and am still trying to pick the red currants and black currants-- I'm crouching, kneeling, bending or sitting some evenings and most maornings trying to harvest them before they go bad. Then at night, I usually have all the burners of my apartment sized stove going cooking berries and canning juice. My chandelier is usually hung with cloth bags full of dripping juice. I have a gallon of black currants sitting on my kitchen table and plan to pick more tonight. I let my pie cherries get eaten by birds, but I'm trying to pick red raspberries every other dsay. I saw a blackberry already black yesterday-- I was hoping for a rest before they came in. Luckily, the blueberries were badly eaten by deer and they died back alot in the winter so I don't have to struggle to keep up with them.