Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Elderberry Juice

I've used all my elderberries to make juice and I only trapped one adolescent robin in the process (it was fine once I untangled it from the net protecting my berries). Besides robins, sparrows were eating my elderberries. I don't care for elderberry juice by itself: one batch was mixed with crabapple, one with several other sour berries and the best batch which I made the most recently was mixed with grape. I'm still planning to make grape juice- there are not quite ripe yet even though we've already had a frost.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


I have two batches of juice ready and waiting for me to finish off tonight. I made 2 gallons of Aronia (black chokeberry), Prinsepia, Schizandra (Magnolia Vine or 5-Flavor Berry), and Elderberry juice and 3 gallons of Elderberry Dolgo Crabapple juice. I find that elderberries need something tart to hide the elderberry taste. Both of these juices should be very health loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. I still have the grapes to deal with later and I have some apples although it's not a good apple year. Right now my hardy kiwi are ripening: we have Actinidia kolomicta 'Arctic Beauty' and 'September Sun'- only a few seem to ripen at a time so you have to squeeze them all to find the ripe ones. Possibly, if I harvested them all and put them on a plate they would ripen.