Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Seaberry or Hippophae rhamnoides

Last year we had enough seaberries to make some juice and as it tasted terrible by itself I decided to mix it with blackberry to make a juice. It was the worst juice I had ever made (of course, we drank it all anyway). This year I didn't get the seaberries harvested before they started to go bad on the bushes-i.e.rot. We harvested them anyway and made a juice with about a quart of seaberries and 2 gallons or so of Dolgo crabapples. It's delicious or at least not too bad. I like it. We pruned the Hippophae to about 10 feet so it could be easier to pick next time. They spread by under ground stolons coming up as far as several feet away from their parents and transplant readily. So far this year we have made black currant, gooseberry, wild cherry, blackberry, and crabapple juice: all with no sugar.