Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hemerocallis Breeding

For the last several years, as the result of an article in a gardening magazine, I have been toying with making crosses of my two favorite daylilies which are 'Alabama Jubilee'which is red orange ruffly tet and 'Tuscawilla Tigress'which is a medium orange tet with a prominant yellow stripe. I have taken pollen from one
and put it on the stigma of the other. Then I grew the seedlings for a couple of years and this is the result: 'Kady' Now I am trying to breed for very tall daylilies: after reading the recent article in 'Horticulture' magazine about Ollalie Daylily farm in Newfane, VT. The pictured 'Towers of Eisenkramer'which was both out of stock, according to their website, and cost $150.00. So I'm tring to breed my own with Hemerocallis citrina Vesperitina as the pod parent and 'Ophir' and an unnamed tall yellow as the pollen (sperm) donor. Hope I succeed.