Saturday, June 30, 2012


I got all excited about my beautiful gooseberries this year. They were coming along very well- covered with huge fruit.  First the gooseberry worms defoliated all the varieties with the huge fruit.  I thought that was OK because I could see the fruit better.  I looked this morning and they are all going bad- My Invicta, Tixia and Hinnomaki Red.  Now that they are weeded, they are getting sunburned and going bad.  I should either try to get rid of the defoliating gooseberry worms (but I don't believe in using poisons), leave the weeds till after I harvest the berries , plant new weeds to shade them, or rig up some sort of shade structure.   On the other hand, Pixwell, which has a smaller fruit, doesn't have this problem and I have 100 feet of that variety.

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