Friday, July 13, 2012


My Hemerocallis are coming into it now.  They were one of the first plants I collected and after losing interest in them I'm now into daylilies again--especially orange ones.  I first liked lemon yellow ones which I still do- perhaps Big Bird and Hyperion are my favorite.  Then I got interested in pink and lavender ones which I have since gotten tired of .  I went through a period in which I was trying for true red ones-- Chicago Apache, Baja, Poinsettia are some of my favorites of those and I have a row of about 10 outstanding ones.  Now either orange or gold are my favorite.  In orange I like Rocket City, Tuscawilla Tigress, and Alabama Jubilee (the latter two being my 2 favorite daylilies of all at the moment--I'm making crosses of those every day).  In gold or yellow approaching gold, I like Buttered Popcorn and Ophir--also Ping is excellent.  I'm also interested in exceptionally tall Hemerocallis such as Autumn Mineret and Autumn Prince.  I've gotten 3 new ones so far this year but the year is not over.

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