Monday, May 20, 2013

Lilac Tea

Our lilac tea is happening in six days.  I think the lilacs should be at about their peak.  The Hyacinthifloras are  perfect right now so they will probably be gone by by Sunday but most of the vulgaris cultivars aren't quite there yet.  Excell is certainly looking very good.  Pocohantas, Evangeline, Cheyenne, Betsey Ross, Mount Baker  are all in good form now.  I am trying to weed the most objectionable stuff, trim dead lilac branches (let alone twigs), and I still need to go around with my book and sure I know what's what.  I don't think the orange poppies will be out yet- nor the orange deciduous azaleas ('Mandarin Lights') but the lilacs aren't too bad.. Krasavitsa Moskvy or Beauty of Moscow isn't looking as good as some years but you can't have everything.  I'm sorry some people came all the way up to West Newbury yesterday, a week early, due to me getting mixed up last month about when it was going to be.  The porch still isn't cleaned off.

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