Monday, June 17, 2013

Recent Books

Backyard Foraging by Ellen Zachos describes how to eat many garden plants and weeds.  Some of our worst plant enemies can be delicious to eat.  Goutweed, Fishmint (Houttuynis), Garlic Mustard, Japanese Knotweed are all eaten.  Hostas, common daisies, spiderwort, Autumn Joy sedum, mayapple, redbud buds, and rose-of -shoaron flowers are also edible plants.  I already have been eating dandylions, nettles, lambs'quarters.  One of our customeres lent me this book and said they will lend it back to me again if I need it.

The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening and Life by Margaret Roach is another new book--I just finished it last night.  It is more literary than many garden books --more witty and full of allusions than alot of plant literature. Her first garden was red-hot pokers and hens & chicks planted in a grid-  she has come a long way from that.  She goes into some of her spiritual beliefs and writes in a quite poetic manner, but also discusses thinks like overwintering different tender tropicals, buying seeds, mulching, animal proof bulbs, ripening tomatoes.

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