Friday, August 23, 2013

Berries without Birds

For some reason, this year the birds are not ravaging my berries this year.  I suppose it is because there is more for them to eat elsewhere--for instance there are an awful lot of wild chokecherries this summer (we've made plain chokecherry juice and a mix of chokecherry, 'Doldo' crabapple and blackberry juice).  My blue berries which, usually get eaten even though I net them, have been fine and several other people I've spoken with have had the same experience.  I haven't put nets over my elderberries so far this year-  last year they were decimated even though I had tried to protect them. Much earlier, birds ate all my edible honeysuckle or honeyberry fruits- I didn't even get one.

The only bird that is getting on my nerves is the yellow-bellied sapsucker-  they have riddled my three Dolgo crabapples with holes

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