Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cider Season is here

Although I made another batch of grape juice last night, we have now had a frost and generally after that happens the grapes are not the same, the only fruit left to deal with are apples. I have lots.  We made some very good (and tart) cider on Sunday with some small McIntosh(?), some small pippins (?), some Northern Spy and some small greenish yellow apples growing along Tucker Mountain road which the Carletons' gave me permission to collect.  It seems the cider is best when we use more than one type of apple.

I've been making pies lately-  we used up the last of the Duchess last night with some Yellow Transparent which were surviving in my fridge and mostly Wolf River and a few unknown large greenish-yellow tart apples.  Since a customer told me three years ago that pies are best with more than one variety of apple--just like cider.

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