Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Juicing Berries

2015 turns out to be a wonderful year for many berries. I have picked most of my gooseberries and am still trying to pick the red currants and black currants-- I'm crouching, kneeling, bending or sitting some evenings and most maornings trying to harvest them before they go bad. Then at night, I usually have all the burners of my apartment sized stove going cooking berries and canning juice. My chandelier is usually hung with cloth bags full of dripping juice. I have a gallon of black currants sitting on my kitchen table and plan to pick more tonight. I let my pie cherries get eaten by birds, but I'm trying to pick red raspberries every other dsay. I saw a blackberry already black yesterday-- I was hoping for a rest before they came in. Luckily, the blueberries were badly eaten by deer and they died back alot in the winter so I don't have to struggle to keep up with them.

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