Monday, October 24, 2011

Apocaliptic warm weather

This fall it's staying warm so late that all sorts of plants are acting different than normal. Lemon Lights Azaleas, Apples and forsythiaq are blooming all blooming in the Upper Valley, Actually some spring flowering plants are being fooled into blooming when there is a dry period followed by a period of plentiful rain--we've certainly had that-- and warm weather.
This year I've also noticed certain very late blooming Cimicifugas'('White Pearl' I beleive) blooming when it normally doesn't because the season is too short...the same can be said for some of the hardy Mums. Heptacodium micronoides, Seven-son flower, is incrediably beautiful this fall because it has not been zapped by the normal September-October frosts, Their sepals (collectively the calyx) turn brilliantly red and are especially ornamental.
Houseplants(that spend the summer outdoors) and annuals are still hanging in there-in certain locations. In West Newbury, where I live, my peas are still blooming and my Aristolochia gigantea (Brazilian Dutchmans Pipe) is budded(it's still outside)!!

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