Monday, October 24, 2011

Hardy Bartlett Pears?

Since I've never read a "blog"--pardon me if I don't know how they are "meant" to sound.

This week I learned that Bartlett pears, which we have been selling for years, are probably good and hardy for this climate, even though they are not quite as hardy as the rest of the other pears we sell and they may not do in northern Saskatuwon!. Also, they are very poor pollinators for other pears. So when planting pears remember that you can grow Barletts here in most places but do not not use them to pollinate others. When planting with a Bartlett, you need a minimum of 3 pears, the Bartlett and two other different varieties. However, I have seen and tasted plenty of Bartlett Pears growing far from any other pears...go figure!

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