Friday, April 27, 2012

Daffodil Walk

Our "Daffodil Walk" is the day after tomorrow and we're not ready.  My mower still isn't fixed so I've held off mowing but the grass is too tall to ignore- I have 2 hopefully working hand mowers but I was hoping to first mow what I could with my elderly riding mower.  Besides that, there is junk still very evident on the porch.  I still another evening of polishing serving trays and tea pots, etc.

On the bright side, the daffodils seem like they might be a the perfect stage. Peeping Tom,Februay Gold are getting a little tired but other early ones such as rapture, Jet Fire, Ice Follies are still OK. Precosious, Passionalle(sp?), Mon Cherie, Unsurpassable, Spellbinder, Serola, Tahiti, Las Vegas, Audubon, Sounds, Border Beauty, Prof. Einstein, Barrett Browning, Fortissimo. Gigantic Star,Carlton, Dutch Master, Red Devon, Juanita, Early Harvest,Monal, Mon Dragon I remember seeing.  There are quite a few that aren't out yet but it's about peak

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