Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daffodils now in Bloom

We're having a daffodil "walk' at our house on April 29th- just under 2 weeks away. We do every year the first Sunday of May but this year, with the week of weather in the 70s about three weeks ago, we decided to have it a week and a half early which we've every one and sent out invitations. Naturally that was all it took to slow things down so that Friday my first daffodil opened and I didn't know what kind it was.  It was haot again on Sunday and got to 82 yesterday so several varieties are now out and I don't need to worry.Ice Follies is out, as is February Gold and Peeping Tom.  Unsurpassable  and Gigantic Star which look identical are blooming and Rapture is just about to start.  The only variety I bought last year, 'California' or 'Pentewan' is at its peak- I picked it beacause as the very cheapest of all in van Engelens' catalog, I knew it would be a good grower- it's like a small Kinf Alfred

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