Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lilac Tea

Our lilac tea went very well this year.  We had it 1 week ahead of normal and the lilacs were just perfect.  Only one, Gertrude Leslie, had already turned that ugly brown which double white lilacs turn.  Maybe the whole garden is even nicer now as the orange deciduous azaleas--Mandarin Lights and the floppy spreading type of  Oriental poppies are now in bloom---also the rocket (Hesperis matronalis).  I would guess between 50 and 100 people came.

The only problem was that Dana had been blacking and passing outand finally had to be taken to the hospital just at 4:00 when 50 people people or so turned up to see lilacs.  She had gotten dehydrated and was cured with intravenious saline solution.   The show went on.

This Sunday, I'm doing the flowers for the wedding of a couple who started coming to our church recently.

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