Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm planning on buying alot of new tulips this fall.   Unfortunately, they get eaten by rodents and , in general, don't last well--year after year--in the garden .  However, they are very showy and work well in the large church flower arrangements I do.   Also, they come in very good true reds and bright oranges.   I have to plant them where deer won't eat the blossoms off which they like to do.  I generally have to buy new ones every several years-- I order at the same time I order new daffodils for my ever expanding daffodil collection.  My daffodils are still at their peak-- the early ones are done and the latest ones not out yet but the pink ones are just coming into it.  Alot of the orange ones weren't as deeply collered as some years and I noticed alot of sunburn on the oranges.   However they have been quite nice

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