Saturday, September 15, 2012


My only real fruit crop left is grapes- the apples failed this year.  I've harvested probably half my grapes and they haven't all been dead ripe when I picked them.  I didn't want a repeat of my elderberry harvest where I was waiting and waiting for them to get perfectly ripe and then birds got inside my poorly secured bird netting and it got too dry and all the elderberries were either eaten or fell off on the ground.  With my grapes, I decided to pick a charge of them before birds and squirrels got to them  I made enough grape juice for the Thetford Hill Church thursday evening meditation group's communion.

My favorite grape is 'King of the North'.  I also have 'Valiant', 'Beta','Worden' and 'St. Croix'.  I still have plenty of 'St. Croix' to pick (unless I have mixed up 'St.Croix and 'Worden').

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