Monday, March 11, 2013

Back to Work!

This was my first day this "Spring" back at the nursery- the snow drops here are out of the ground with visable swollen buds just about to bend down and unfurl.  Also, re-wing blackbirds are back and singing.

At the farm we have long since tapped all 4000 plus sugar maples and this weekend had some good runs.  Harold Carleton (of Maple Grove Farm, West Newbury, where I live) made 62 gallons of syrup Saturday and 50 some gallons yesterday.  I don't know how the sap has run today but even if it didn't we have sap to boil.  I'll miss the cows and the woods where I spend alot of time in the winter but the season has progressed.

Last week, my wife Dana and I went to Pennsylvania to visit relatives and friends.  The snow drops were blooming there as were winter aconites, snow crocus, and various witch hazels.  The only horticultural excursion we made was to Longwood Gardens which has one of the largest conservatories in the country.  I'm hoping to put my photos on face book (the nursery's facebook page) tomorrow.

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