Monday, March 18, 2013


We sponsered a very well attended lecture by Lee Reich entitled "Fearless Pruning".  I already had 2 of his books and bought another.   We all found him a delightful, charming,  funny speaker.  He presented a solid introduction to pruning- if anyone wants to learn more, contact me and I'll let you help prune at my house (or stop by the nursery).  After making sure things went well at the talk Saturday, which happened
without me doing anything,  I showed my daughter, Kady, and her boyfriend my method of pruning and they helped me for most of Sunday afternoon.

Lee Reich is addicted to black currants (my favorite fruit).   He is possitive about seaberries (Hippophae) and negative about Aronia, two fruit I am trying to grow and harvest but don't know that much about the fruit yet.   I haven't had enough Aronia to cook into juice and my male seaberry is not doing it yet so I haven't had pollination let alone usable fruit.

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