Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Berries ripening

All of a sudden I noticed that my goumis (an Eleagnus), red currants, gooseberries and black currants are ready to pick.  I picked all the goumis last night-I had already had to net them against birds and made them into juice..  I cooked and mashed them and put them in jelly bags overnight--I just barely covered the fruit with water first, before cooking that is. Now the juice is waitin for me to add sugar and can.

This morning I madly picked red currants before getting in to work late and I have to go back to pick more tonight..   The ripe black currants are almost  falling off the bushes but the majority aren't ripe yet.  Usually I wait till more are ripe but I don't like the premature dropping.  I don't think daily, heavy downpours help.  I hope I can wait to harvest gooseberries.  I already netted all these fruits and by the way white currants aren't nearly as attractive to birds as red ones.

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