Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hydrangea Collection

Hydrangea paniculata is getting to be my favorite flowering shrub.  They bloom for a long period- July, August and September and are very showy.  I prefer the type with the wild form inflorescence--in other words the lacey ones with lots of true flowers mixed with a sprinkling of sterile florets--not the very fat clunky ones.  Over the weekend I planted: Big Ben, Dharuma, Pink Diamond, Pink Lady, Unique, Tardiva, White Moth, Brussell's Lace and Mystical Fire.  I already have Pinky Winky, Summer Princess, Floribunda, Skylight, Mega Pearl, White Diamonds, Passionate, Fire and Ice and Great Star.  In my new bed, I planted them about six feet apart and will kill the grass in between them with black plastic. Perhaps in the future, I will having "Hydrangea Teas"

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