Friday, October 9, 2015

Mid -October Flowers

I had to give up swimming for the year last Sunday but my garden has not given up yet. I have planted quite alot of varieties of Hydrangea paniculata which are still blooming and pretty if a little somber. Some of my favorite cultivars are Big Ben, Floribunda, Pinky Winky, Pink Diamond. Unique and White Moth: I like all the vaieties with a natural style inflorescence. Besides the hydrangeas, I have lots of Rudbeckia triloba--I sort of let it naturalize. There is also some of the late, quite blue monkshood (A. arendsii), also some late Helianthus, especially maximillian's sunflower (H. salisifolius) which doesn't become such a weed as many. I have Colchicum and Allium Ozawa which are both magenta and quite short- I really prefer taller plants suitable for large flower arrangments. At church last week, the minister had to bend a sprig of beech foliage as it was blocking peoples view. I have to be more carefull.

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