Friday, October 30, 2015

Apple Cider

At this time of year, we make alot of cider and apple pies. The secret to both is to use at least three different kinds of apples- all of which should be tart or strongly flavored. Namby-pamby apples have less taste when pressed or baked. Unfortunately, some of the varieties I have bought, based on glowing descriptions in catalogs are poor--or at least I don't care for them. It has taken some of these varieties 15 years or more to fruit enough for me to decide I don't like them. I would say roughly have of the feral apples around me have a good taste for cider and have aren't worth pressing. In my gardens I am trying to do a last weeding and mulching before the winter. I planted 4 kinds of Narcissus: Altun Ha, Pistachio, Avalon and Garden Classic (it could be Classis Garden)--I also put in some Puschkinia. I still have Allium 'Ozawa' bloong.

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