Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring is (Almost) Here

My wife and I have the joke "p ing is he" because there was a property on Rt. 320 in Villanova, PA, where the people had spelled out "SPRING IS HERE" is crocus on a grassy bank by the side of the road and that is how it read in the 1960s. Today, for the first time, I noticed lots of clumps of snowdrops showing buds- the buds were still pointing up, rather than already becoming pendant but they were showing white. Most of my small fruit trees are already pruned-- so I am way ahead on that score. Right now I am making juice from last season's frozen berries. I keep thinking, every July and August, when I'm hot and exhausted, that if only I had enough freezer room, it would be so pleasant to make juice and can it in the winter, when I can't be outside and my house appreciates heat from the stove. So, I'm doing some now.

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