Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fresh Vegetable Omlette and Tapping Maples

Believe it or not, I was able to harvest and use kale, Italian parsley and scallions from my vegetable garden today for lunch. I guess they were covered by enough snow to protect them when we had -10 degrees F. Hopefully this means we'll have an early spring which in turn means the Nursery will get going earlier than other years. At Maple Grove Farm in West Newbury where I live and help out in the winter, we finished tapping the main sugar bush on Friday (3600 taps). Never before have I been able to notice so many wildflower plants as this year. There was Hepatica and Tiarella foliage, Indian pipes from last year and maidenhair fern leaves. Other than being in the woods we spend alot of time in the barn tending the red and white Holsteins. Best Wishes for 2016!

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