Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Flowers

It's getting late in the year for flowers and I'm still doing an arrangement every week for the West Newbury Congregational Church.  This Saturday, I'm doing flowers or leaves and berries for the Scottish Country Dance in Fairlee. I've picked a very nice late Allium: 'Ozawa', common witch hazel and beech twigs which should make a good combination for table arrangements. For the bigger bouquets, I'll probably use some Miscathus, European spindle tree berries, and beech or oak foliage (I've noticed that oak gets dull looking fairly soon after picking).  In the last several weeks I've used alot of maple leaves, asters, brown-eyed susans, burning bush, hydrangeas.  However it's getting to be "slim pickings"

I thought I had inadvertantly deleted my last entry so I redid it and now I have 2 almost the same- sorry

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