Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Big Frost

Last night the temperature got down to 16 degrees.  That was the first real killing frost.   I picked my last zucchini the evening before and dug up a few geraniums, a verbena and a fuchsia-- also, I picked the orange cosmos and the calendula.  The latest purple Allium , Ozawa, looks good with the orange so I picked some of those, not really knowing how they like 16 degrees.  

I'm not sure what I;m going to pick for tomorrow's church arrangements: I've been using burning bush, maple foliage, hydrangeas, European Euonymus, asters.  I notice alot of leaves falling off today and the winterberry I had my eye on got eaten by a huge flock of robins.

I hope the beets didn't get hurt but I bet they are fine.

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