Monday, April 8, 2013


Plants need food just like people do.  I fertilize all my plantings in the early spring.  If I do it in the fall, I figure alot of the fertilizer, which I broadcast, will just run off.  I attempt-- to spread it before alot of plants have come out of the ground- and I use organic fertilizer which doesn't burn so much as chemical fertilizer and allows me to consider that all the juice and jam that I make from my berries is "organic".  I used 30 50 lb. bags of  North Country Oraganic's fertilizer- mostly "Cheep-Cheep"which is mostly poultry manure.  Naturally the day I pick to broadcast it out of buckets was very cold ( Ididn't sink into the soft ground) and very windy but it's now mostly done -except where I decided to wait untill daffodils come up in a field so I can see where they are.

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