Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Pruning

I now have most of my spring pruning done at 1030 Urquhart Rd.  I pruned and retied-up my grapevines yesterday.  I cut paths in the blackberry patch although I still want to go through and cut out the rest of the dead canes from last year.  I cut down the red twig willows and red twig dogwood so they will sucker back up with lots of bright shoots for nest winter.  I cut down my enormous pair of orintal bittersweet because the on on the right died and the one on the lest was slipping off the roof.  They also are invasive and seedings are coming up- but they sure are pretty.  I cut down another alien invasive: my huge Japenese barberry.  It's prickly and progeny have been popping up here and there.  It does have red berries that stay red all winter which I like but it's done at my house.  I still like the Berberis species: koreana ( which suckers but I've never had seedlings), and vulgaris which has beautiful flowers and  a gracefull shape (seedlings come up).  My pears and apples are pruned for the season as are my raspberries.  I may do a little more work on my currants and gooseberries.

The snow drops were at their peak this last weekend and the early snow crocus are blooming.

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